H3DNS user service protocol

Welcome to use H3DNS product developed by Beijing Rocket Technology Co.,Ltd. the following items and conditions compose the agreement that achieved by you and Beijing Rocket Technology Co., Ltd.(following simply called“this agreement”). the following agreement according to 《 The Laws of the People's Republic of China》, 《The Regulation of People's Republic of China Computer Information Network International Internet Management》, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and State Post Bureau of The People's Republic of China 《Measures of The People's Republic of China Public Computer Internet International Network Management》 and other related regulations and rules,customer and Beijing Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. agree and sign this agreement according to consistent negotiation on domain analysis service.

One、statement and commitment

  1. 1. you confirm, before registering to be a user of H3DNS and receive this service, you have sufficiently read, understood and accepted all the contents in this agreement, once you use this service, it means that you agree to obey all items in this agreement.
  2. 2. you agree, our company has right to unilaterally change this agreement at any time,and announce on this website(address:https://www.h3dns.net/Sign/agreement.html), and do not have to notice you specifically; if you continue using this service after announcement of changing contents of this aggrement, that means you have sufficiently read, understood and accepted changed content of this agreement, and you will obey the changed content of this agreement to use this service.
  3. 3. you state, when you agree to accept this agreement and register to be a H3DNS user, you are a natural person, artificial person or other organizaiton that has complete capacity for civil right and complete capacity for civil conduct that refulated by laws and is able to independently be responsible for civil liability; the contents of this aggreement do not be rejected by your region or country. if do not have the mentioned conditions, you should terminate registration or stop using this service immediately.

Two、about registration

Before use this service, you must register,and get your H3DNS account” provided by our company(following simply called the account), you agree:

  1. 1. correctly provide and update your correct, latest and complete information in time after getting the account according to the registry reminder of this service. if there is rational reason to doubt that your provided information is wrong, untrue, expired or incomplete, our company has right to pause or terminate providing part of or all “analysis service” to you. and our company is not responsible for it, and you will be responsible for any direct or indirect expense generated from it.
  2. 2. you cannot ask for compensation for the reason that this service is not able to be provided or provided error because you have not updated information in time, and you will be responsible for all results generated by it, and our company is not responsible for it.
  3. 3. you should be responsible for your H3DNS account, only you can use your H3DNS account, the account cannot be transferred, given and inherited.

You agree, if you lose all or part of capacity for civil right or capacity for civil conduct, our company has right to dispose information that related to your H3DNS account according to available law document(include but not limited in effective court decision, effective testament and so on).

Three、account security

You will be completely responsible for all operations and comments generated by using this account and password, you agree:

  1. 1. our company recognizes your indication through your user name and password, please take care of your user name and password properly, and you should be responsible by yourself for the loss generated by password leaked. you guarantee not to leak the account or password to anyone, and not to use any other's “H3DNS account” and password.
  2. 2. if you find other illegally using or stealing your account and password, or anyother condition that is not legal authorization, you should notice our company as valid method immediately, and request our company to pause related services. at the same time, you understand our company needs reasonable time to take action for your requests, and before this, our company is not responsible for executed command and (or) any loss generated by the executed command.
  3. 3. dispose for abnormal service: when you use this service, this service may not be provided because of network system problems, ISP operator related job network linkage problems or other force majeure factors. you ensure your entered information is correct, when mentioned conditions occur, if our company is not able to notice you the related subsequent disposing methods of transaction in time because of incorrect information, out company is not responsible for any loss or compensation.
  4. 4. you agree, for the needs of operation and security, our company can temporarily stop providing or limit part of functions of this service or provide new functions, and as long as you continue using this service when reducing functions, increasing functions or there is any changes, that means you still agree on this agreement or the changed agreement.

Four、 limitation of H3DNS use

  1. 1. when you use this service, you should obey related laws and regulations of The People's Republic of China, laws of your country or region and related international practice, do not use this service to any illegal purpose, and do not use this service with any illegal method.
  2. 2. you cannot use this service to infringe others' legal rights, or our company has the right to reject providing this service, and you should be responsible for all related legal responsibilities, and you shoud be responsible and compensate for the caused loss of our company or our company's users. mentioned behaviors include but not limited in:
    1. (1) infringe other's right of reputation, right of privacy, trade secret, trademark right, copyright, patent right and other legal rights.
    2. (2) violate obligation of maintaining confidentiality that based on laws or agreement.
    3. (3) illlegally use other's identity to use this service.
    4. (4) engage in illegal behavior, such as website that makes eroticism, gamble, virus, hanging horse, reactionary, plug-in, private server and provides any service for private server (such as payment, SEO).
    5. (5) provide gamble information or entice others to participate in gamble by ant method.
    6. (6) engage in any behavior that may include computer virus or may infringe this service system and information.
    7. (7) other behaviors that our company has valid reason to consider as improper behaviors.
  3. 3. you understand ans agree, our company is not responsible for any loss and compensation caused by the following conditions, include but not limited in flow, access, data and loss in other aspects or other compensation of intangible loss (regardless of whether our company has been informed the possibility of the compensation or not):
    1. (1) our company has right to pause, interrupt or terminate providing this servie or any part of this service to you and remove your informaiton based on unilateral judgement, indluding but not limited in our company considers that you have violated the expressly agreed terms and spirit of this agreement.
    2. (2) when our company find illegal website, doubtful point, violating laws or violatint agreement of this agreement, our company has right to pause or terminate analysis of the domain and reject you to use part of functions of this service or all functions of this service without notice.
    3. (3) when necessary, our company do not have to notice firt to terminate providing this service, and pausing, closing or deleting the account and all related information and files in your account, and sending back all your legal capital that remains in the account to your bank account.
  4. 4. if you need to logout your H3DNS account, please be agreed by our company's audit first. our company logout the account means the agreement achieved by our company and you has been released, but you still should be responsible for the possible violating agreement or loss of your behaviors during using this service, at the same time our company still is able to remain your related information.

Five、right of privacy protection

Once you agree on this agreement or use this service, that means you agree our company to use and publish your personal information according to the following items.

(1) user name and password

When you register to be a H3DNS user, we will request you to set user name and password to recognize your identity, please correctly fill in your information, so as to confirm your identity when you lose password. you can only use the account through your set password, if you leak out password, you may lose your personal recognition information, and it may cause bad legal results to you. when the account and password encounters potential or practical risk because of any reason, you should contact our company immediately, and our company is not responsible before taking actions.

(2) register information

When you register the account you should provide your name, telephone number and emial address to our company, you can also choose to fill in additional information(we have obligation to enure the privacy of your filled Fetion password). for providing customized new services and chances to you, you know and agree that our company will notice you these information through your email address or the telephone (mobile).

(3) advertising

Our company will comprehensively gather statistics on data of H3DNS user identity, and use or publish for sales and reward needs.

(4) use of Cookie

You understand and agree, our company use cookie to be more friendly to users,it can help you reduce repeatedly entering register information for using our services and follow the status of your browser.

(5) for providing you services more effectively, you agree, our company has right to provide the information that provided and generated during the process of you registering and using this service to our related companies. unless this agreement has specifically regulated, our company does not publish your information or provide it to the third party, but not include the following conditions:

Six、 information storage and exchange

Your information is stored on servers in China, for backup needs, our company may transmit your information to servers in other countries.

Seven、 external link

This website includes links to other websites, but our company is not responsible for other websites' privacy protection. our company may increase business partners or websites that share brand with us when there is need.

Eight、 security

Our company only provide corresponding security measures based on current techniques to prevent information caught by our company being lost, abused and changed. these security measures including backup data to other servers and encryption of user password. although there are security measures, our company cannot guarantee these information is absolutely secure.

Nine、 exemption clause

You cannot use services as a result of system is not able to normally operate for the following reasons, our company is not responsible to compensation, the reasons including but not limited in:

  1. 1. our company is during system downtime maintenance period that announced on this website.
  2. 2. telecom equipment error so that cannot transmit data.
  3. 3. our company system error so that is not able to execute business because of force majeure factors in relation to typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, black out, war, terrorist attack and so on.
  4. 4. service interrupt or delay because of Hacker attack, technical adjustment of telecommunications administration or error, website upgrade, bank problems and other reasons.

Ten、 range and limitation of responsibility

  1. 1. our company is only responsible for listed respinsibility range in this agreement.
  2. 2. your bought service that is not able to work normally over 48 hours and it leads to economic loss to you because of this system error, lengthen two times longer than the time of using the service according to bought corresponding service and its service level, but users use for free do not has the right to request any compensation.
  3. 3. our company only takes resonsibility for mentioned range of responsibility for direct loss, does not take responsibility for indirect loss.

Eleven、 protection of trademark and intellectual property

  1. 1. intellectual property (including but not limilted in trademark, patent right, copyright, trade secrets and so on) of all contents in this website, including but not limited in composition, picture, file, information, document, website architecture, arrangement of website frame, website design, are owned by our company or our company's related companies according to laws.
  2. 2. anyone cannot use, modify, copy, spread in public place, change, distribute, launch or publish routine or content of this website without written agreement from our compay or our company's related companies.
  3. 3. respect to intellectual property is your obligation, if violated, you should take responsibility to compensation.

Twelve、 laws application and government

The effect, explanation, changes, execution and conflict solution of this agreement apply laws of The People's Republic of China, those without regulation of laws please refer to common international business practice and(or) industry practice.

Generated dispute because of this agreement, should be disposed according to the laws of The People's Republic of China, and people's court in the location of Beijing Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. will be as first instance government court.

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