Applicable group(advice) Non-profit personal website(such as personal blog), small and middle personal website; static display, website of startup project, government, local and industry portal web; small and middle enterprise website(such as enterprise portal, small E-business, entertainment, game and so on). Middle and big enterprise website(such as big E-business, entertainment, online game of listed enterprises, joint venture enterprises, international enterprises).
Chargeable pattern —— Provide independent purchase services for part of value-added services based on free of charge; except specific functions with special indication, all charged based on unit of account Account as unit, sign offline contract charging according to dividing class of forecast analytic amount, settlement date will pay back the rest of fee or charge the lacked fee
Invoice sent service —— Registered letter Express

Basic services

Intelligent analysis Support
Intelligent line segmentation(domestic operators) Telecom, Unicom, China Mobile, China Tietong Telecom, CERNET, CSTNET, Great Wall Broadband Network, Wasu, OCN, Sinnet
Extent of line segmentation(mainland China) Region(central China, Eastern China, South China, North China, Northeast China, Northwest China, Southwest China), province/municipality , others
Extent of line segmentation(overseas) Overseas, region(South America, North America, APAC, Europe, Middle East, Africa), country/region(precise to 27 countries/regions), others
SEO line Google, Baidu, Haosou, Yahoo, Sogou, Soso, Youdao, Bing, Jike
Private line 1 item×400 IP ranges Limit 20 items×400 IP ranges 60 items×400 IP ranges
and provide mainland China line template that more precise than public line
NS node distribution(mainland China) 32
NS node distribution(overseas) Do not support 6(Eastern United States, Western United States, Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, India)
NS attack prevention peak 10wqps/domain Can buy to upgrade to maximum 50wqps/domain 50wqps/domain or 200wqps/domain
NS attack prevention total amount 10G No limit
DNS search times(analytic amount) 100,000,000 times/month Can buy to upgrade to maximum 300,000,000 times/month Bargaining item
DNS SLA 99.9%, when exceed defence peak or account month analytic amount will reduce to 98% 100%, when exceed defence peak or account month analytic amount will reduce to 99%

H3DNS extension type

Permanent dominant URL redirect(301 redirect) Total 5 items Can expand to maximum 30 items No limit
Interim dominant URL redirect(302 redirect)
Implicit URL redirect
Extensive type-AX record No limit
Extensive type-CNAMEX record No limit
Extensive type-LINK record No limit
X optimization(intelligent line recognition) 5 items Can expand to maximum 50 items No limit
X variable Do not support Support, no limit

X-monitor Hawkeye monitor

Number of monitoring mission 10 items Can expand to maximum 100 items
Analytic status alarm Support
Server status alarm Support
Monitoring method HTTP, TCP,can switch
Monitoring node 7 7 items, after expanding monitoring mission can choose arbitrarily 7 items, can choose arbitrarily
Monitoring frequency 1 minute Default 1 minute, after expanding monitoring mission can customize Default 1 minute, can customize
A record monitor Support
CNAME record monitor Support
Extensive domain monitor Support
Intelligent down switch Support
Customize normal return code Support
Customize header Support
Alarm sensitivity switch Support
Email notice Support
Message notice Support, free user should top up message amount
WeChat notice Support
URL callback Support

Customer service

Work order system(email) Support, answer in 5*8 work time
QQ online customer service Support, online support in 5*8 work time
WeChat online customer service Support, online support in 5*8 work time
Sina Microblog answering Support, answer in 5*8 work time
400telephone technical support Do not support 7*24 online support
Specified presales manager Do not support 7*24 online support
Specified after-sales manager Do not support Online support in non 5*8 work time
Give priority to deal with Do not support Support
Artificially initiative notice Do not support Support

Other functions

Account login second verification WeChat WeChat WeChat and message
Sub account Do not support Can open independently Support
Sub account groups Support after opening, 10 items Support, 10 items
Permission distribution of sub account Support after opening,no limit Support,no limit
Analytic service API Common versions(10000 times a day) Can open superior versions(10000 times a day) Superior versions(no limit)
httpdns Common versions Can open encrypted versions Encrypted versions
Domain groups 2 items 10 items 30 items
Zone number 100 items 2000 items No limit
Lowest TTL 60s
Reminder for domain expired Support
Domain transfer Support
Domain lock Support
Record export and generate excel file Support
Record export and generate xml file Support
All records export Support
Optional record export Support
Bind configuration file import Support
Txt file import Support
Xml file import Support
Excel file import Support
Incremental record import Support
Complete update record import Support
WeChat management Support
Sub domain level Level 60
Extension type Support 6 levels
Load banlancing Support, do not limit total record numbers
EDNS-Clinet-Subnet Support
SDK package Support
Access amount statistics Support
User distribution statistics Support
Account operation log Support
Saved time of system service log Do not save 1 year
Quantum acceleration Do not support No recharge limit Do not support
Price FreeRegister now Generate according to customized contentBuy now 24,000RMB/year aboveBuy now