Godeye monitoring

Like the eyes of god, to be a sensitive and effective website guard

Create mission flexibly

Support HTTP link and TCP monitoring, support A record and CNAME record monitoring, be able to customize Header, normal return code and alarm parameter

Monitoring in all aspect

16 nodes cover the whole region +5 main operators, 1 minute frequency and real time distributed stable monitoring
7*24 hours continuously provide services

Real time intelligent switch

Once discover monitoring object down, DNS analyses switch backup or intelligently pause immediately, when being normal, automatically recover corresponding domain analyses

Revceive alarm with multiple terminal

Email, message, WeChat, URL callbacks receive alarm information, PC or mobile, view by yourself or view by customers are both convenient

Detailed statement expression

Real time update status of monitoring point, fault information can be seen clearly and monitoring log will be permanently restored, in order to be convenient for Webmaster to find the source