Intelligent DNS

Various demands,one solution, all you want is in here

Lightning effect

Adopt private incremental DNS update protocol, make analysis lightning effect in all nodes of H3DNS around the world, average time is 0.5s。

Precise location

Automatically update IP attribution of global IPv4 zone in real time, precise to operator+prefecture-level city in domestic, precise to country overseas; and support edns-client-subnet character analyses according to client IP

Abundant lines

The most detailed lines partition in the whole network,160 detailed lines,37 regional groups,10 ISP categories,4 level lines partition,1 group of 60 private lines

Private line

Support maximum 60 private lines to satisfy any of your business demands, and support to import private lines from template so as to avoid the trouble caused by maintaining line IP base

Load balance

Adopt private DNS load balance technique, differentiate with tradition, is able to make A record and CNAME record load balance as any proportion, and support all kinds of load balance that based on http redirect redirect

Security protection

Highly protected DNS cluster system based on cloud architecture, support enormous concurrent access, at the same time automatically recognize attack pattern, prevent attack at first time, and has domain lock function and notice of abnormal account, prevent user configuration from changing by front end Hacker

Simply configurate

Convenient to add email record with one key, work out analysis with four steps, support WEB and WeChat management domain

Uniquely have 6 extension analyses

Based on supporting to lable DNS,H3DNS provides 6 unique types of analysis in terms of AX, CNAMEX, LINK, 301 redirect, 302 redirect and implicit redirect, significantly stronger than traditional DNS system

Nodes all over the world

More than 30 DNS service nodes of H3DNS cover various operators in mainland China, APAC, America and Europe, help you to develop domestic and overseas business fluently and securely

Domain postfix

Specifically customize for customers who cooperate with several CDN service providers, switch CDN service provider easily with one key

Permanent free

Customer demands motivate us to grow and develop, because of you, we will consistently create and develop, and we promise to permanently provide intelligent DNS analytic service for free

Open API

Provide strong SDK package of opening API and various development languages to make your integration easier and simpler