Best use of DNS up to now

From theory to practice, recognize in all aspectsDNS

Use intelligent analysisExpanding function

点击开启H3DNS之旅 问题反馈(




点击开启H3DNS之旅 问题反馈(




点击开启H3DNS之旅 问题反馈(


  • Add email record with one key

    Support domain email services that popular in domestic and overseas

  • Work out analysis with 4 steps

    Register ->add domain ->configure analysis->change NS

  • 6 extension types

    Unique AX, CNAMEX, LINK, 301/302/ implicit redirect

  • More than 30 nodes

    Spread all over the main operators in mainland China, APAC, America and Europe

  • More than 200 lines

    The most detailed lines with 4 levels partition and customize privately in the whole network

  • Quickly go into effect in 0.5s

    Adopt private increamental DNS update protocol, go into effect quickly

Hawkeye monitor

  • One key open monitoring task

    Provide default monitoring method, and support all kinds of parameters such as customizing monitoring type

  • 7*24 distributed monitoring

    16 monitoring nodes serve in the whole day, cover the whole region + 5 main operators

  • Real time intelligent switch

    Monitoring reacts sensitively, real time down switch

  • Multiple alarm mode

    Email, message, WeChat, URL callback

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